Events This Week

This week, Orthodox Christians around the world will be moving toward the Passion and Resurrection of Christ the Lord.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, the last three Presantified Liturgies will be served. This solemn and beautiful Vespers service combined with Holy Communion differs from the regular Lenten variant by adding Gospel readings concerning the Passion.

Bridegroom Matins will be celebrated on Sunday afternoon and Monday and Tuesday evening.

Wednesday evening will see our parishioners gather to be anointed with healing oil.

Thursday morning will see the First Eucharist commemorated with Vespers and the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great. ALL PARISHIONERS are exhorted to attend if able to receive Holy Communion on this Great Day.

On Thursday evening, the Matins of Great and Holy Friday will be served, combined with 12 readings from the gospels concerning the Passion of Christ.

On Friday morning, (11 am) the Royal Hours and Typika will be served. This service is filled with scripture readings and moving hymnography.

Friday evening sees the Vespers and Procession with the Burial Shroud of Christ. The Lamentations at the tomb follow this service as our congregations approaches the Shroud to reverently venerate it.

On Great and Holy Saturday, we commemorate the Blessed Sabbath; the day of rest from the divine labor of the Passion. The Vespers and Liturgy of St. Basil the Great are a prelude to the joy of the Resurrection.

Finally, on Saturday evening, the most joyful service of the year is celebrated: Resurrection Matins. Our diocesan custom is to finish the matins and continue with the Paschal Liturgy on Sunday morning.

Please walk with the Lord and His Church by attending as many of these services as you can!